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Restaurants are tired of spending money on restaurant coupons, discounts, and advertisers to have guest keep coming back. All of these programs are taking a very large piece of your profits away. Create an Extraordinary Guest Service Strategy! If you ask 100 restaurant owners how they would rate their guest service our bet is 95-plus percent would say good. When it comes to creating Extraordinary Guest Service, good is the […]

Our Revenue Management Programs are Created Specifically for Restaurants, Retail and Hotels. The Process is Demand-Driven Pricing Methodology that is designed to Maximize Profit and Increase Revenue without Reducing Repeatability. Driven by proven state-of-the-art statistical modeling, IRHC uses a proprietary analytical process that enables us to identify prices that yield optimal gross profit without negatively impacting customer traffic. IRHC consultants use sophisticated statistical inference to analyze demand patterns and determine […]

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The 2010 predictions for the Hottest Trends for Restaurants in 2011 had some really interesting and innovative ideas. 1 of the predictions, smaller portions for a smaller price, seems to have universal appeal to consumers. Most people would like to enjoy a meal at a restaurant without breaking the bank or their belt. This affords them the opportunity to not only watch the amount they eat, but to leave with […]