Restaurant Brand Expansion

Brand Development & Expansion Services

Our International Hospitality Consultants have extensive experience helping established companies and start-ups in the hospitality industries enter new markets and expand brand presences. Our team is strategically located in the US, UK and Asia ensuring that you always have  support

International Restaurant & Hospitality Group understands the hospitality industry. You are not just selling a product or service – you are selling a guest experience. We work closely with hospitality industry clients to drive the guest experience factor which increases the brand awareness and ultimately the Brand Value.

We understand that your brand must impact multiple market segments with varied interests. From restaurants to resorts, cruise lines to casinos and hotels, we know how to help your brand capture and promise an exceptional experience.

Strategic analysis — We identify the issues that will challenge your revenue, profitability and performance as a national or global business. We also examine how your new market start-up process can be made easier, more effective and more efficient.

Market/Industry Insights — We help you understand your business in your new target market as well as the competitive factors and costs that will affect your strategy and implementation plan.

Channel Development — We identify and assess distributors and sourcing relationships that you may require in order to sell or develop your products in the new territory.

Reputation and Brand Building — We help identify the tools and resources that will help you strengthen your presence in your target market