Operation Assessments

Restaurant Operations Assessments and Brand Audits

International Restaurant & Hospitality Consulting Group has helped many Global Food Service Companies Increase Quality of Operations, Guest Experience and Brand Protection for over 25 years with our Operations Assessment and Brand Audits. Operating assessments are the most effective way to create an action plan toward improvements. A comprehensive operational assessment is a top-to-bottom approach to the entire business

What do we look at?

We evaluate all processes and systems, standards of operations, guest and employee experience factors, cost controls, quality of products and services, price versus value relationships, execution of the known standards, training and leadership. You will receive a thorough on-site assessment of current operations and specific measurable recommendations for improving efficiency and maximizing profitability.

What will International Restaurant & Hospitality Consultant Group conduct?

Documentation analysis review of your business: Our 30+ Point Analysis includes:

  • Profit & Loss / financial review of client provided documents
  • Buying, vendor relationships and cost controls
  • Local competition review
  • Marketing, market position and branding/signage analysis
  • Menu evaluation including item placement, design and functionality & profitability
  • Operating systems include accounting, scheduling, inventories, purchasing
  • Training evaluation and systems
  • Labor, productivity, scheduling evaluation and recommendations
  • Food cost analysis & reduction recommendations from provided financial documents
  • Beverage cost analysis from client provided financial documents
  • Maintenance and Utility review
  • Controllable cost review
  • Property lease or property document review
  • Accounting review
  • Inventory controls
  • Physical property review
  • Sales driving strategies
  • Standardization of systems and processes
  • Recommended Action Plan
  • Any other item requested by you

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Restaurant Rescue Program

As seen
Our 10 day Restaurant Rescue Plan can cure any failing restaurant. International Restaurant & Hospitality Consulting Group is the Original Restaurant Rescue firm. We’ve helped turnaround more than 100 restaurants and chains, and we have been featured on Fox News, CNN, Food Network, NBC and the NRA

Before you think about closing contact International Restaurant & Hospitality Consulting Group for other options.


Restaurant P&L Review

We can bet you’re leaving money on the table, and we will help you find it.

All restaurants should provide an outstanding profit and an attractive return on investment. If you are struggling achieving these, let us conduct a Profit and Loss Statement Review for you.

What do we look at?

Food Cost, Beverage Cost, Labor Cost, All Supply Cost Categories, Training Cost, Utilities and Other Controllable Cost. We also look at your non-controllable items, such as rent, insurance and more.

Send us your P&L and we will sanitize it with a complete list of recommendations to put more money into your pocket. We will compare your P&L to your category segment, identify your opportunities, and provide a step-by-step solution to improve your profitability

Our fee is only $500, and we tell you right up front what our fee is, so there will be no guess work on your part.

We guarantee to find you a minimum of three times what our fee is or we will refund your $500 fee. That is how certain we are on helping you. Join the list of more than 600 other companies and owners that we have helped.

A sampling of our best profit improvement methods include but are not limited to:

  • Menu Engineering
  • Revenue Management
  • Recipe Costing
  • Productivity Based Labor Management
  • Structured Expense Budgeting
  • Training Programs
  • Weekly Reporting and Measurement
  • Occupancy Cost Improvements
  • And more