Brand & Food Safety Audits

Restaurant Food Safety has always been a critical component of our industry but now food safety is even more important post-COVID-19.

Helping Food Service Operators Minimize Risk, Exposure, Increase Business Operation Standards and, Protect their Brands is the focus of our Brand Safety Audits.

Increasing operating standards through the following services:
• Food Safety Restaurant Audits: On-site food safety audits and practices, training, and reporting that help increases food safety improvements.

• Restaurant Brand Audit: Measures and monitors unique brands elements, such as brand presentation, quality and service at each location based upon your brands’ matrix or we can create our own measurements

• Employee /Restaurant Guest Safety Assessments: Analyzes physical, structural, electrical, and safety hazards within your units, including slips and falls, cuts, and other liability areas.

• Restaurant Guest Experience Assessments: On-site evaluations of the client determined metrics that help drive improved guest satisfaction and repeatability.

• Customer Defined Projects: Design specific programs to meet customers’ unique business information needs.

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