Restaurant & Hotel Investor Solutions

Retail Store, Hotel & Restaurant Investor Solutions

If you are an investor considering buying an existing restaurant,  tavern, hotel, or retail store, or if you are contemplating funding a new enterprise related to the hospitality industry – our team of consultants at International Restaurant & Hospitality Consultant Group can help. We provide due diligence services, Pro-forma, and business strategic plans and analysis services that provide answers to your questions and solutions to your concerns. We tell you the probability of a satisfactory return on your investment.

Below are some of the Investor Solution Services we offer.

  • Assistance in acquiring financing
  • Real estate scouting and acquisition
  • Lease review and negotiation
  • Restaurant design, including the dining room and kitchen layouts
  • Equipment valuation and purchasing
  • Construction oversight and cost management
  • Pro-forma creation and analysis for business plan use
  • Highly effective management hiring, training and development practices
  • Restructuring and debt assessment
  • Financially prudent management of company growth

If you are considering selling your restaurant, hotel, or retail business, we can evaluate all aspects of the financial worth your operation in-depth and tell you what the market value for your investment would be. If you wish to receive a higher price than what we demonstrate to you, the business is worth, then we can guide and assist you in taking the steps necessary to attain that selling price.

  • Furniture, fixtures, and equipment valuations
  • Ensuring that your P & L statement format and presentation is attractive to potential buyers
  • Making the operational changes necessary to increase the worth of your investment