Menu & Recipe Development

Chef Inspired Menu and Recipe Creation


Balancing cutting edge flavors and visual appeal with food science is what we do best.

Food is the most crucial element of a restaurant’s identity, and long term financial success. Menu development has never been more important than it is today. Guests today are demanding menu choices that are unique, fresh, healthy, and compelling. They want a memorable experience that can be captured and shared within social group circles. The menu today must be chef-inspired and include farm to table options, sustainable proteins, locally sourced produce, meat, and seafood options.  We carefully create imaginative and award-winning menu selections that deliver the crave-ability and “WOW ” factor in flavor, visual appeal, and value that drives repeatability and social sharing. The key foundation of a restaurant is food, number one on the runway, and the only reason you are in business.  Great food separates world-class restaurants from the average restaurants that transform to increase market share and profitability. International Restaurant and Hospitality Consulting Group have created 100’s of menus and thousands of handcrafted culinary and handcrafted beverage options around the globe.

These crave-able selections are balanced with targeted food cost, profit contribution margins with an emphasis on uniqueness, consistency, and ease of execution.

Our core competencies in the development of new menus and recipe include:

  • Menu creation and planning
  • Recipe development
  • Menu design and photography
  • Menu recipe specifications and full training manuals
  • Full menu costing with sales mix analysis
  • Menu sensitivity program analysis
  • Menu pricing and placement recommendations
  • Product bench-marking
  • Product sourcing
  • Product specification
  • Nutritional analysis
  • Video training
  • Cloud-based recipe storage
  • Farm to table options
  • Fresh local sourcing
  • Production motion studies

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