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Engaging Millennial Foodies IRHC Group believes that a dining experience should be exactly that – an experience.  An experience that you cannot receive anywhere else.  It touches all of the senses – sight, smell, touch, and taste – to create authentic, unique memories.   We recently came across an opinion piece, written by Milana Saric that […]

Restaurants are tired of spending money on restaurant coupons, discounts, and advertisers to have guest keep coming back. All of these programs are taking a very large piece of your profits away. Create an Extraordinary Guest Service Strategy! If you ask 100 restaurant owners how they would rate their guest service our bet is 95-plus […]

So You Think You Want to Buy a Restaurant Everybody needs to eat to live, and over time we have turned this requirement into a social activity. Currently, a restaurant is – by far, one of the most popular businesses, and one which could be an even more desirable buying proposition if you happen to […]