Restaurant Branding Strategy

Restaurant & Hotel Brand Positioning & Development

International Restaurant & Hospitality Consulting Group has extensive experience in branding strategies. We understand that your brand is your reputation and your golden goose, so we’re dedicated to helping build the brand strategy you need to execute a successful brand that has a high mental shelf space with consumers. We guide you through the process so that you’ll know every step of the way, not just what, but why. We help you make decisions today that will have a positive impact on your business tomorrow and for years to come.

Our Brand Strategy Research Team will help establish and enhance your:

  • Brand Positioning
  • Brand Development Strategies
  • Marketing Plan and Media Strategy
  • Local Marketing Strategies
  • Implement programs to enhance mental “shelf space” and brand awareness
  • Review current marketing and advertising plans and evaluate their effectiveness or ROI Product
  • Merchandising and Design Marketing planning
  • Media strategies to include online, social media, conventional methods, and public relations strategy
  • Product Development
  • Product Labeling
  • Logo redesign or refresh brand attributes
  • Website, digital media, and social media programs

If you like what you find and think we might be able to help you with your project, contact our consultants today at We look forward to being part of your success.

We are the only International Restaurant & Hospitality Consulting Group with offices and partners in Orlando FL, Dallas TX, Portland OR, Philadelphia PA, London, New Delhi, Hong Kong, Shanghai  & Kuala Lumpur.