Restaurant Profit Enhancements

Restaurant Industry Profit Line Solutions -Theoretical Labor and Cost Programs

 At the very heart of IRHC Group Restaurant Consultants, you will find our desire to maximize our client’s return on investment.  International Restaurant and Hospitality Consulting Group are one of the most highly effective and awarded turnaround specialists in the industry.  We are always looking at ways to increase our client’s financial performance without jeopardizing the guest experience with our proven proprietary state of the art systems and processes.


Restaurant P&L Review

We can bet you’re leaving money on the table, and we will help you find it. All restaurants should provide an outstanding profit and an attractive return on investment. If you are struggling to achieve these, let us conduct a Profit and Loss Statement Review for you. The fee can be as low as $500 for our experts to sanitize your P&L and complete a written report on any opportunities and actionable steps.


What do we look at?

Food Cost, Beverage Cost, Labor Cost, All Supply Cost Categories, Training Cost, Utilities, and Other Controllable Cost.

We also look at your non-controllable items, such as rent, insurance, and more. Send us your P&L, and we will sanitize it with a complete list of recommendations to put more money into your pocket. We will compare your P&L to your category segment, identify your opportunities, and provide a step-by-step solution to improve your profitability.

Our fee is only $500, and we tell you right up front what our fee so no guesswork on your part.

We guarantee to find you a minimum of three times what our fee is, or we will refund you your $500 fee. That is how certain we are in helping you. Join more than 600 other companies and owners that we have helped.


Optional Cost Savings Programs

IRHC Group has developed key programs that are at the front of mind with all restaurateurs.  How do I combat increasing product cost, rising labor costs with minimum wage increases, tighter labor pools, and higher turnover?  Well, we have those answers and proven programs, with the first actual theoretical labor program based upon your data including entree counts and sales.


  •  Food and Beverage Cost Reduction Programs
    • Recipe Costing
    • Menu Engineering
    • Purchasing Review
    • Waste and cross-utilization review
    • Training Programs
  • Productivity Based Labor Management 
    • Theoretical labor program
    • Labor Productivity
    • Scheduling Programs
    • Hiring Programs
    • Training Programs
    • Retention Programs
  • Weekly Reporting and Measurement
    • State of the art systems and process to manage your business in real-time
  • Occupancy Cost Improvements
    • Structured Expense Budgeting
    • G&A Review
    • Rent and Lease Reviews
    • And more

International Restaurant & Hospitality Consulting Group comprises a team of seasoned experts and restaurant managers representing every facet of the restaurant industry, from financial and development to operations and management. From creating and implementing restaurant business plans to designing innovative facility concepts and menus, and even providing long-term management contracts, we have the restaurant industry knowledge. We have successfully supported independent and corporate clients alike over the entire spectrum of the business development process. We serve hundreds of restaurant industry clients nationwide, ranging from small independents to large national chains, from quick-serve locations to fine dining establishments, and from franchisers to franchisees. For over 25 years, IRHC Group Restaurant Consultants has been a proven resource to the restaurant industry and is considered to be a leading authority on initiating financial improvements. We are restaurant industry professionals that genuinely care about your financial needs.



Restaurant Corporate Due Diligence and Restaurant Assessment

IRHC Group has helped many companies minimize exposure and maximize returns on investment. International Restaurant & Hospitality Consultants bring a wealth of restaurant industry knowledge to identify, monitor, mitigate, and report the risk and assess operational infrastructures. We track the performance of a restaurant group as well as restaurant industry competitors within their relevant dining segment.  

Our restaurant industry goals and objectives are achieved by working closely with  Owners, Shareholders and Corporate Boards, Loan Originators, Financial Institutions, Hedge Funds, Venture Capital Groups, Private Equity Firms, Rating Agencies, and Private Investors.

  • Concept Performance Assessment
  • Due Diligence
  • Financial Analysis
  • G & A Assessment
  • Restaurant Turnarounds
  • Reorganizations and Restructuring
  • Interim Corporate Management
  • Management Team Assessment
  • Training And Recruitment
  • Operating Restaurants
  • Menu And Marketing Strategies
  • Workouts/Debt Restructuring Options
  • Exit Strategies