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Improve Overall Performance

Retailers use the International Restaurant & Hospitality Consulting Group for many reasons, but the goal is always to improve overall store and staff performance. At IRHC Group we believe that with the right strategies, execution and people, any retailer can compete and win in today’s competitive market. Our mission is to help retailers maximize their financial performance through a combination of proven retail strategies inclusive of customer and experience factors, visual merchandising, leadership and team development. We help retailers maximize their customer frequency, revenue, margins and stakeholder return. Below are some of our retail consulting areas of expertise.

  • Retail store operations assessment and operational improvement
  • Workforce management programs
  • Global retail best practices benchmarking
  • Customer service programs and retail customer experience improvement
  • Grocery/Convenient Stores and Food Operations
  • Merchandise systems, plan-o-grams, buying, planning and allocation, vendor management
  • Retail inventory management and SKU rationalization
  • Distribution, logistics, transportation, and operations
  • IT systems and operations
  • Supply chain assessment and optimization
  • Change management and operational training programs
  • Organizational review and restructure
  • Litigation support and expert witness services
  • Due Diligence services for new or existing retail establishments

Customer Experience Consulting:

We collaborate with key client staff to design and execute a customer experience strategy. The level of integration and transformation varies based upon multiple factors, including the client’s current customer service strategy and sales methodologies.

Sales and Experience Improvement:

We assess the current business state, agree on a plan to improve sales and profit performance, and together achieve the success we’ve outlined. Each project is customized to meet the unique circumstances of our client’s business needs.

Retail Management Consulting and Training:

All business is local, and success is ultimately determined by how successful the manager and multi-unit managers are. We will assess your current approach and then recommend a solution based upon your organizational needs and opportunities.

Store and Customer Experience Assessments:

Our assessment looks for improvements in areas like sales strategies, visual presentation, and the customer/employee experience. This is a powerful tool for any retailer looking for rapid improvement and financial results.

IRHC Inside Your 4 Walls - Operations, Training, Systems & Processes

Inside Your 4 Walls - Operations, Training, Systems & Processes

Inside Your 4 Walls - Operations, Training, Systems & Processes

If your focus is increasing sales & profits, creating systems & processes, training & hiring or concept development, you need help Inside Your 4 Walls. Our Restaurant, Hotel & Retail consultants specialize in helping you with operations assessments, profit enhancements, training and leadership development, revenue management, expert witness testimony and additional services.

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IRHC Outside Your 4 Walls - Web Design, Social Media & Online Reviews

Outside Your 4 Walls - Web Design, Social Media & Online Reviews

Outside Your 4 Walls - Web Design, Social Media & Online Reviews

If your systems and processes are locked and loaded, but you need help to increase guest counts, bringing in new guests, obtaining positive online reviews or a mobile friendly or updated website, this is what we call Outside your 4 Walls. Our Restaurant & Hospitality Marketing division specializes in Digital Media Marketing (social media, blogs, campaigns), Reputation Management (online reviews, ratings, SEO), Video Production and Web Design.

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