Using our library of effective training templates, customization ranges from a minimum of tailoring written exercises so they reflect your offerings and customers to shooting video examples in your own stores. Core Selling Skills covered typically include:

  • Asking for input to define needs
  • Selling benefits instead of just features
  • Reinforcing customer decisions to validate choices
  • Listening to build rapport and clarity
  • Closing on key decisions throughout the sale
  • Making suggestions that add value to a purchase

Real behavior change on the selling floor comes after salespeople apply the skills to real-world situations. We consult with you to discover hot-button situations faced in your stores each day, and create modules that show how to apply those core selling skills for a great resolution. Situations developed for other retailers include:

  • Converting the “Just-Looking” customer
  • Selling to Multiple Customers
  • Fitting Room Selling
  • Providing Service During High Traffic Times
  • Turning Returns into Exchanges
  • Fitting Room Selling
  • Selling by Phone
  • Handling Customer Dissatisfaction

Product specific modules, too. Knowledgeable sales associates can improve customers’ confidence and shopping experiences. Our customizable templates can illustrate critical product and style information, helping associates understand how they relate to body type fit and fashion.

Modules can be loaded onto your LMS for ease of access and tracking as well, along with self-study print-based materials.