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Restaurant Training Programs

We are the hospitality industry leader in employee learning and validation.  Our ability to create design implement holistic e-learning and manual type training programs that directly impact the employee and guest in a fun down to earth learning environment that drives guest repeatability and employee retention. Creating the employer of choice mentality

We have created customized employee and management training manuals, handouts, presentations or videos for some of the top companies in the hospitality Industry

Steps of Service – the steps help to define timing when taking orders and firing courses as well as the best opportunities to upsell.  We also cover ‘table maintenance’ which is important for attending to the guests at regular intervals.

Waiter/ Server Service – tracking their own sales mix for improved selling and customer service, handling different types of customers.  Service styles for each establishment (fine dining, casual, coffee bar and food truck) can vary greatly.  We will help you to create the best possible service style for your location.  Even the most casual, part-time food truck can have really great service!

Bartender Service– understanding the art of bartending with drink recipe and service standards

Wine Service – understanding tasting and turning that information into selling wine to guests

Heart of the House- developing all line and cook position training, including knife, sanitation and best practices.

Manager Education –  For new managers or newly promoted managers: “Managing Staff”;  for existing managers (2 yrs +) or senior managers “Managing other Managers”.  Both Steps of Service and Waiter Service can be modified for a managers-only training.

Custom Management Universities- corporate universities to include legal and leadership workshops and seminars

Leadership Workshops and Seminars

Training Manual Templates, Books and DVD’s