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fresh-greens-v1More restaurants have returned to the earth by showcasing fresh or local foods as maximum quality and good local neighboring. For example, McDonald’s new ad campaign emphasizes local farmers and ranchers. Similar efforts have been seen from Chipotle, Wendy’s and Dominos Pizza. Some of the Big Steak and Seafood Players like McCormick and Schmick’s, list on the daily menu, the supplier and geographic location of commodities and proteins Including, Produce, Dairy, Chicken, Beef, Seafood and Breads. “This is a major leverage point and the guest is giving restaurants credit for shopping local “says Ken Hoffman, CEO of International Restaurant & Hospitality Consulting Group.* When customers didn’t mind or care where their product came from, it seemed as though every day you could turn on the news to hear of another recall or e-coli outbreak of foreign products such as produce, orange juice, apple juice, seafood, poultry and beef. To prevent instances like these, the support for the local farmer and all local homegrown suppliers will continue. People want high quality food and their food source protected. The Food Safety standards in the US are much higher than most of the third world countries importing food into the United States. As you would read the label at the supermarket and decide what the best products are for your family, we should also demand to know where our food supply at the restaurant comes from. If your local or chain restaurant does not let you know where there ingredients come from, you may want to find one that does.

The Next Big Tidal Wave to Hit the Restaurant Industry will be organic foods. If you don’t believe people want to eat foods that are healthier, safer, don’t contain pesticides or are cage free, then look at the increase in organic food revenue over the last few years. The Sales of organic food and beverages have grown from $1 billion in 1990 to $29.7 billion in 2011. Sales in 2011 represented 9.7% growth over 2010 sales. Experiencing the highest growth in sales during 2011 were organic fruits and vegetables, up 15.8% over 2010 sales and over 25% increase in the last couple of years alone. “This will be another record breaking year for the organic food industry and we could see The Organic business grow to $50 Billion in the next couple years” says Ken Hoffman. Many restaurant chains have change their paradigm on organic food and have come to International Restaurant & Hospitality Consulting Group to retro fit menus, recipes and help them source out organic local products.

Going Local and Organic can equal, a Win for the Restaurant, A Win For The Guest and A Win for Local Business.

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* – Ken Hoffman is an International Restaurant Consultant and Speaker