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Restaurants are tired of spending money on restaurant coupons, discounts, and advertisers to have guest keep coming back. All of these programs are taking a very large piece of your profits away.

Create an Extraordinary Guest Service Strategy!

If you ask 100 restaurant owners how they would rate their guest service our bet is 95-plus percent would say good. When it comes to creating Extraordinary Guest Service, good is the enemy of great. Let’s put it this way. Every Guest comes to your establishment with this idea of your restaurant in the back of their head. We call it the Rex Scale “Reality versus Expectations. All successful Restaurants, Hotel and Entertainment venues deliver an experience to the guest that is greater than what they expected. Go around your restaurant and use this REX Scale, Plus (+) Minus (-) Zero (0). Here how the scoring should go a Zero (0) is OK or meets standard, a negative (-) is terrible, below know standard. A plus (+) is a wow, great, terrific, above the know service standards

Extraordinary and “above and beyond” guest service is a direct result of the restaurants ability to consistently deliver those “Wow Factors” where the ordinary become extraordinary and amazement is achieved. “Above and Beyond” guest service is simply defined as an “above average or noticeably better” guest experience.

This doesn’t mean that every guest experience and touch point is going to be Extraordinary every time but it does mean being better than good with occasional bursts of greatness and superior service. This can only be accomplished through a commitment to hiring the right person, restaurant training and consistently executing well on the know service standards as well as the unexpected that can make a dining experience memorable.

To achieve those “Above and Beyond” moments of truth where you turn “Guest Service” into “Guest Evangelist” it is essential that your internal customers (your team) become true believers, advocates, raving fans and evangelists of the brand.

If you want to out-maneuver your competition you must be able to deliver on “Guest Amazement.”

Hiring, Hire the army of giants, What your staff should look like and what tools do you need to ensure you are hiring an entertainer, sales person and evangelist of the brand

Objective Assessment Of Your Restaurant Operations – Front And Back Of House

Identify Missed Opportunities

Develop Practical Restaurant Training Aids

Provide The Tools, Systems And Standards To Create Accountability

Commitment to Staff Training

The goal of creating “Extraordinary Hospitality Guest Service” is to remove all the uncertainty from the service staff, create alignment in message, develop or purchase meaningful tools and show them what “Extraordinary Guest Service” looks like and its benefits. The investment in your Extraordinary Restaurant Guest Service Program will enable you to exceed the guest’s expectations, build loyalty and create raving fans. The “Just Satisfied” or “Good” is no longer good enough and will put you out of business.

Next we will speak on How to create and Build the Army of Giants “Your Staff”.

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