Hotel Customer Service

Creating a Culture of Guest Obsession


Improving Hotel Guest Experience

Hotel Customer Service is one of the most critical aspects of the guest experience. Providing consistent service levels across all customer moments of truth touchpoints is impossible without realistic, measurable standards. These standards vary depending on several factors, but consistency and the ability to cater to the property’s target demographic is essential. IRHC Group’s experience working with a diverse set of organizations around the world has provided us with a wealth of practical knowledge regarding appropriate service levels. We can evaluate a property’s success both quantitatively and qualitatively via our measurement programs. Critical aspects of the program include:

The Differentiated Service Experience Balance of Predictability and Unpredictability.

International Restaurant & Hospitality Consulting Group, Customer Differentiated Service Program, focuses on Increasing the Guest Experience by balancing the art and science of Predictability and Unpredictable Guest experiences.

“An experience occurs when a company intentionally uses the services as a stage, the goods as a prop, and the staff as the deliverer, to engage individual customers in a way that creates a memorable event.”

– The Experience Economy

  • Identifying Customer Moments of Truth Touch Points
  • Creating A Customer First Culture
  • Implementing and teaching programs like Ten- Five- First and Last
  • Establishing Appropriate Service Levels
  • Developing Realistic Customer Service Standards
  • Incorporating Measurement Criteria into the Review Process
  • Secret Shopper Programs
  • Training Programs