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The IRHC Group Team has successfully be a part of over 200 restaurant startups around the globe.

A restaurant startup is no easy task and the financial risk and investment is extremely high. When considering a restaurant startup, every aspect of the business needs to be considered. A restaurant startup with the help of a team of  professional advisors will help the business growth and increase the success rate with our proven systems and approach.

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Doing a restaurant startup successfully and staying successful is accomplished from proper planning from the beginning. A restaurant startup is what International Restaurant & Hospitality Consultant Group specialize at and have been successful in Startups for 30 years.

To startup a restaurant properly, a collaboration of ideas, disciplines, culinary knowledge, management expertise and a passion for operational excellence is required. Restaurant Startups without considering these factors and the interactions between them could be a recipe for slow growth or worse. Having IRHC Group as your guide for a restaurant startup will help you to avoid the many pitfalls to developing a growing restaurant business.

New Restaurant Concept Development Experts

IRHC Group is here to help! We specialize in a single restaurant startup or chain of locations. With 30 years of startup experience, IRHC Group is the choice for a restaurant startup. With expertise in helping the country’s leading restaurants increase profits, IRHC Group will help startup your restaurant the right way.

A new restaurant startup can be a daunting task, yet it can be a highly profitable venture if conceived and managed well. IRHC Group proven restaurant startup process guides you through a strategy of creativity, best practices and time tested experience to ensure your successful start. IRHC Group Consultants is committed to your success, always by your side, and only a phone call away.

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