Restaurant Guest Experience Enhancement Programs

Restaurant Guest Experience Enhancement Program

The only way to increase restaurant sales is to enhance the restaurant guest experience that make a lasting impression. The natural effect will be an increase in repeat guest visits at your restaurant? International Restaurant & Hospitality Consulting Group’s, the worldwide leader in the restaurant industry has a proprietary restaurant guest experience program that will help identify exactly which behaviors, systems and metrics are consistently linked to exceeding the guests expectations in your restaurant.


International Restaurant & Hospitality Consulting Group Understands the Restaurant Industry

IRHC Group expertise in the restaurant industry is unmatched; we have well over 30 years of experience helping some of the world’s finest restaurants improve and perfect the customer experience.

We expertly service all types of restaurants—from fast food to casual dining to five-star gourmet—and all of our clients love the positive impact that our program have on employee engagement, service, and customer satisfaction. IRHC Group’s has developed and implemented a proprietary Guest Experience Enhancement Program that a is proven by many of our partners .  Our Secret formula for Guest Repeatability is simple in theory but only IRHC Group has the experience in successful implementation

Our guest experience enhancement programs are tailored to address each client’s unique guest deliverables versus the price paid by the guest. IRHC Group’s customized repeatability methodology provides a comprehensive report with an extensive plan.

What we look at and focus on.

Products sold:  Food and Beverage offerings including menu, presentation and perceived value to the guest

Key Leverage Points:  What separates you from the rest of your competition.

Exceptional Service:   Exceptional service that includes predictability in the known service components, standards and the unpredictability service components that enhance the guest experience and drives repeatability.

Atmosphere:  The atmosphere is another area that is critical to the guest experience  and guest repeatability. If the atmosphere is not appealing, then the guest might as well eat at home.  Atmosphere management is a key driver in the guest experience and guest repeatability.

Time:   The length of time the guest spends in your restaurant must not exceed the guest expectations of how long the experience should last. When a guest feels that they are a prisoner in a restaurant and that the time of the experience is out of their control the likely hood of repeatability is dimensioned.

Our formula on increasing restaurant sales is simple

PD +KL+AT/TM =PV2     Price Value and drives the second visit


The guest today want and demand great food and libations in a great environment, served by fun, knowledgeable team members in an appropriate time frame.   This drives repeatability and increases sales.


Examples of restaurant-related questions we can answer:

  • Are your employees building rapport and emotional connections with guests?
  • What could you do to ensure fewer customers leave with a neutral or negative brand image?
  • What is your competition offering that your customers wish you offered and vice-versa?
  • Are your employees correctly informing customers about your products, promotions, and/or policies?
  • Are customers of every age, ethnicity, and gender receiving the same exceptional level of customer service?
  • How engaged are your employees, and how can you optimally improve their engagement?
  • Are promotional signs, displays, and other types of marketing materials present and correctly positioned within your restaurants?
  • Which locations within your organization are consistent shining examples of offering customer delight, and what are their best practices?
  • And many, many more…

International Restaurant & Hospitality Consulting Group Guest Experience Program Enables our clients to:

  • Understand exactly what customer delight-driving behaviors look and sound like
  • Align company-wide focus on improving the customers’ experiences, resulting in higher return rates
  • Track and trend behaviors that correlate with guest delight to generate actionable data proven to increase customer satisfaction
  • Customize programs to evaluate a variety of different customer touch points, staffed positions, and times of day/week, etc.
  • Gain valuable, detailed insight into the customer experience through extensive story-like narrative from our highly trained and certified shoppers
  • Discover if customers are receiving consistently superior customer service at every location and/or customer touch point.
  • Identify gaps in training needs
  • And much, much more…

No matter what your objectives, we will partner with you to develop a program that will provide actionable results using state-of-the-art technologies and proven guest experience enhancement programs